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Sara Holding A Cat

Mary Cassatt

Sara Holding A Cat - Mary Cassatt -

Title:Sara Holding A Cat
Painted by:Mary Cassatt
Location:Private Collection

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lovely, just lovely, great arist
Posted by boo on 10.November 2008, 07:47

Most beautiful painting... very artistic image of a young girl holding a cat...though the girl seem to be sad and it feels that the cat is comforting her. I would pay dearly to have this painting...
Sara Holding a Cat
Posted by Mohammed on 20.March 2009, 05:57

this site is absolutely great! i'm using it for a school project, and it give me a lot of information. the only problem with this site is that it does not say when the paintings were painted. if you guys could add that it's be great.(no pressure, i'm not asking you to spend hours searching for them). love every little other thing on your site though! it's really great! thanks for having created it!
Posted by charlotte on 29.March 2010, 16:01

i like this picture because it has a kitten and a little girl in it its adorable mary has nice creative paintings

Posted by yesenia on 30.September 2011, 13:44

i love mary cassatt's pictures!! greetings from austria, miss viwi

Posted by miss viwi on 20.July 2012, 05:12

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