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Breakfast in Bed

Mary Cassatt

Breakfast in Bed - Mary Cassatt -

Title:Breakfast in Bed
Painted by:Mary Cassatt

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Mary is my cousin. I still believe the people in this portrait are baby Anne and another relative in our family. Could be wrong. The family resemblances continue to be strong with Mary. "Breakfast in Bed" is one of my favorites and I have the print in my home.
Mary and
Posted by Susan Molloy Owens on 15.January 2009, 09:47

I love this painting. It's absolutely beautiful
Breakfast in bed
Posted by Chelsea on 2.October 2009, 11:55

I really liked how she painted it and I like how she drew the faces and the little baby's curls. I 8 and I want to become an artist like Mary Cassatt
Breakfast in bed comment
Posted by Karuna Hill on 17.February 2010, 20:28

What a sweet and endearing snapshot of the bond between a mother and daughter. This painting, along with others by Cassatt, truly captures the precious ties betrween a mother and her child. I just love Cassatt's subject matter, her use of soft textures, and beautiful mixtures of coloring. Fantastic!
"Breakfast in Bed"
Posted by Sarah Angel on 21.February 2010, 19:42

This is great and I mean it!

Posted by kylie bonds on 11.March 2011, 12:14

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